Types Of Art Styles

  1. Floral Art Prints –  

With the name, we can clearly state the art style using the flowers in the designs. It is categorized in various forms like classical, traditional, and modern with original paintings as well. The lamination in the frames is done by a layer of matte colors to retain the brightness of colors. These paintings are used for home decor in different rooms like dining halls, drawing rooms, etc. 

2. Animation Art Prints –  

The concept of ‘Animation’ originated from the Latin Language, which states “to breathe life into.” Generally, it includes the visual art using a series of still drawings to create motion pictures. Walt Disney is a renowned animation designer in the twentieth century. 

3. Still Life Paintings –

Frans Snyders demonstrated this art form. It comprises objects like kitchen utensils, flowers, bouquets, or some other objects that are placed on a table. It may also include the human portrayals in the drawings. But among all the forms of art, still-life painting was considered as least important.

4. Cityscapes & Landscapes –  

These are great art forms that include the posters comprising of sights of the city or any view of a town or other areas. These are the cost-effective decorative styles for your home or an office room or any additional indoor styling. The Cityscapes & Landscapes are printed on the paper of supreme quality with pigment inks using accurate colors. It is very easy to frame as well. Thus, they give the fabrically textured matte presentation.

5. Canvas Prints – 

Canvas is the most authentic form of art that can demonstrate anything. It is the purest composition of radical notions representing a variety of frameworks and sentiments through canvas portraits. It has a high capacity to absorb the color more effectively than any paper with a soft and charming appearance of high quality.